Why the Telecom Information Desk  (TID)?

Telecommunications has become the third criterion for companies to establish themselves in an area, and the relationship between the offer (service provider) and request (companies) is a key element for the development of any territory.

The Telecom Information Desk is an information, support and matching tool designed to meet the information telecom and Internet services needs of economic players in a geographical area.

The principle

The TID is a secure web platform that operates on the same basis as a search engine:

- Companies create a request surrounding Telecom & Internet services
- This request is sent automatically to service providers concerned by the request
- Service providers will be able to inform companies about their offers and make an appropriate commercial proposal on the request within 15 days

Telecom Information Desk is an intuitive tool with a FAQ and lexicon to help you understand the technical aspects and vocabulary.

The GIT - a telecom marketplace

The Telecom Information Desk is a service dedicated for companies, providers, telecom service providers and local governments. The GIT is here to help promote local offering, support new businesses and contribute in developing high bandwidth networking in an area.

This hub is more than just an informative tool : thanks to commercial propositions users get, they get the opportunity to make the right choice for their activities.